As well as all the Carpet rolls, we currently have 24 rolls of Vinyl’s in stock ranging from traditional tile and wood effects up to very modern funky designs. We continually change the ranges to ensure we are up to date with current customer demands.

As with our carpets, if you can’t find what you are looking for, we have sample books to choose from offering hundreds of other designs. Like our carpet fitters, the vinyl fitters are experienced to do most fittings required of them and can also assist in floor preparation if it is required.

Please note Vinyl needs to be fitted onto a smooth surface directly with no underlay etc.

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Now we are well into 2022, why not call in and look at our new ranges that have started to appear for this year.

We have brand new ranges from our top manufacturers which are modern and up to date for 2022.

Some of these ranges are not available at our prices anywhere else locally.

Please feel free to telephone us on 01455 634434 for any enquires.